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Will popping or squeezing zits make my acne worse?

Find out if the urge to pop or squeeze that zit should be resisted!

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I popped a little blemish on my nose yesterday. Today I might as well have a red light on my nose. Gross huh?

Popping zits is possibly the worst form of acne treatment. Some will insist on popping rather than topical treatment- or worse- rather than maintaining a regular skin care routine.

If you feel that you absolutely must pop a zit, there are some acne treatment guidelines that will minimize further infection and scarring.

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There is much debate over scarring associated with performing your own acne treatment surgery (aka popping a zit), from my own experience I will tell you that it does scar.
It is a good idea to make sure that the blemish is at the surface of your skin.

One that is tender, and not yet formed to a head will not benefit from lancing and will lead to further infection of the pore- these premature treatments scar the most. Placing a warm, wet teabag on your blemish for five minutes, or applying a bit of a green mud face mask with a drop of tea tree oil mixed into it over the blemish location will help draw it to the surface for further acne treatment. It's best to use a powdered green mud, add the drop of tea tree, and then just enough warm water to make a thick mud.

Some supplies deeded for your acne treatment area sterilized needle (running a sharp, rust free needle through a flame will do), some cotton pads, a 2 cotton swabs (q-tips), hydrogen peroxide and a cosmetic magnification mirror.
First wash your hands with an antibacterial soap, and then wash your face with the gentle cleanser that is part of your acne treatment routine. Apply hydrogen peroxide to a swab and to the area of the zit- this will help kill any bacteria not already washed away.

Use your magnifying mirror to see the actual pore that is infected, and try to insert the needle at the pore, so you do not puncture your skin, but the clog of the pore. Just barely nick the surface of the pore, you will feel the pressure of the zit release as soon as it penetrates the infection. Use two cotton pads around your index fingers to apply LIGHT pressure until clear fluid comes out (you don't want to see blood from any acne treatment!). Gently wipe the area clean and wash your whole face again (bacteria that require acne treatment are on the surface of your skin now). After you pat your face dry, use the second cotton swab with some hydrogen peroxide around the area of the blemish, this will minimize chances of infecting other pores and necessitating further acne treatment. Gently moisturize your skin, saving the area of the blemish to the last- you don't want to touch it first and spread bacteria around!

Use this kind of acne treatment rarely. If you find that your acne treatment regimen is not keeping your skin clear, try a different approach or consult a dermatologist quickly. Years of this kind of treatment will leave you with a pocked, crater-like face and in the need of expensive cosmetic surgery.


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