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Which treatments work for acne scar removal?

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I am in advertising, and as such, my looks are every bit as important an asset as my razor-sharp wits, or my analytical, probing mind.

I have always taken pride in my appearance, working from the time I was thirteen just to be able to afford my own pair or two of designer jeans now and then. However, there is something that still torments me from my earlier days and makes a flaw in my otherwise perfect exterior. Getting rid of acne scars has been a constant struggle for me, and when I can not win easily (which I almost invariably can), I have a tendency to get obsessed. Now getting rid of acne scars has become my obsession.

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You see, I can afford all of the traditional treatments for getting rid of acne scars, but none of them seem to work quite right on my delicate and otherwise unblemished skin.

Of course, I've done all of the easy ones first. I tried getting rid of acne scars with weekly skin peels and exfoliations, until my face was pink and almost raw, but to no avail. It seemed to do nothing at all for my complexion, although all of my friends raved about it. I even tried mud and nutrient soaks for getting rid of acne scars, as well as steam, heat, diet, and all of the other unorthodox treatments, but none of them did all that much for me.

I then switched to heavier methods to get rid of acne scars. I first used the laser resurfacing, which is supposed to work miracles. Let me just say that the only miracle was the price. I had no success in getting rid of acne scars, although I did go for multiple treatments. It is true that the laser somewhat shrunk my acne scars, and made them look less pronounced, but for that price, I should be able to demand perfection, and perfection is not what I got. Perfection means a smooth and flawless face, the only sign that your acne treatment has been a success. I even tried getting rid of acne scars with that new-fangled collagen method, but all I got was a puffy face, with spots now that feel rubbery and unnatural. I swear, I am thinking of suing that plastic surgeon who promises me the moon over and over again, but hasn't even managed to make my face look decent.


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