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When buying acne treatment products, is cheaper better?

Are the expensive acne treatments any better than the cheaper alternatives? Find out...

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Do you need moisturizer that smells like a cornucopia of fruit? Or that walnut shell scrub?

The acne treatment and cosmetics market is saturated with companies offering you a wide selection of bad products. A well-read buyer will know how to navigate the cosmetics aisle and arrive at home with the right product.

There are whole 'bath and body' stores dedicated to selling one moisturizer, mixed with various perfumes and particulate additives. Perfumed hand lotion is ok, but not as an acne treatment.

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This is because the skin on your hands is tougher than the skin on your face. Many of the additives that are required to maintain the scent of a product are irritating to skin too.

Cosmetic companies make a killing selling $40 bottles of moisturizer that have 'miracle ingredients' in them (especially anti-aging and acne treatments). For years dermatologists have been pointing out that the amounts of these ingredients are so minute that they could not make any difference in your skin. Twice daily moisturizing with your acne treatment routine will make a big difference- this is where the 'miracle' results come from, not the trace ingredients. Moreover they are usually not fda tested to back up their claims, and if they were as powerful as the packaging claims, they would be moved to prescription acne treatment.

Are department store cosmetics really superior to grocery store cosmetics or acne treatment products? In some cases yes, rock-bottom priced cosmetics may not be 'non-comedogenic, or may have harmful additives. A model friend once recommended 'Wet n' Wild' brand, stating that it was the only bargain priced cosmetic brand she could use short of Clinique.

Many grocery store cosmetics are owned by more expensive cosmetic companies. For example, Estee Lauder owns Clinique. Both brands are renowned for hypoallergenic products. Even in their case though, many of their expensive moisturizers are the same as the cheap moisturizers- just re-labeled with a few extra ingredients thrown in.

For acne treatment toners or medications, makers know that we all suffer from the 'bigger is better' mentality. Why buy 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide when you can get the stronger 10%? The answer is that anything over 2.5% can do some real damage to your face, not help in acne remedies. The same thought pattern is followed when'acne treatment' soap is created. Usually they will contain salicylic acid. The medications in soaps usually are not on your face long enough to make a difference, and if they are it will be too harsh. Your medicating/toning step in the acne treatment is for these kinds of products, not your washing step.

Finally this all brings us to advertising. What is this infomercial or packaging selling? It's not actually the product, but the potential. We all desire clear skin (thus is all advertising). So they will appeal to many different mentalities with their product. Bigger is better (soaps that are too strong), star power (personal testimony), showing embarrassing acne situations and that their acne treatment product can avoid said situation. All of these are aimed at moving an 'acne remedy' product- not helping you.

Consult your doctor. You pay him/her to be on your side and help clear your acne treatment. Look up customer review websites and know your sensitivities. Acne management is possible, and whether it is that you just need a good daily cleansing routine, or a physician's help, it is doable.


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