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What exactly is acne, and how can it be treated?

Do you know for sure you have acne, or do you have one of these other conditions? Find out...

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Acne Vulgaris afflicts millions of people world wide. But are all bumps on the face caused by the p. acnes bacteria?

Shaving can make way for a staph infection that looks like acne, and lack of moisture can cause other acne like conditions. Blush a lot? This is an indicator of another condition.  But will any acne treatment help'

Folliculitis is also known as Barber's itch that is the red bumps you get after shaving hair anywhere on your body, it's also known as heat rash. The bumps result from a bacterial or fungal infection of the hair follicle (it's a staph infection).

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It is usually caused by contact with infected oils or tars, and it won't spread. For skin areas like your legs, shaving, disinfecting and moisturizing daily will be harsh at first, but will work great as an acne treatment and eventually keep your pores open and your skin looking great.

Perioral Dermatitis is characterized by a red rash around your nose, mouth and on your chin. There will be inflamed bumps, and sometimes water-filled blisters. It normally affects women between the ages of 20 and 45. A light moisturizer from your daily acne treatment regimen can help.

Keratosis Pilaris shows up with small rough bumps in hair follicles or pores that look like goose bumps. Occasional redness around the pore can occur, but not usually. About 60% of teen girls have it, 40% of all adults have this common disorder. This occurs when the protein that makes up your hair gets clogged in your follicle- daily acne treatment regimens help keep them open. The lump inside your follicle is hard and rock-like, and may continue to grow without a dermatologist's help. Those with thyroid problems are especially prone to this condition.

Rosacea is a serous condition that should be treated early, and by a dermatologist. It is characterized by blushing or flushing for longer than you should, or when there seems to be little reason to. Many people are not diagnosed till the late stages because they believe it to be adult onset acne. Acne is a symptom of this condition, and it is affected by a good acne treatment regimen. Late stages include a permanent blush, capillaries showing near the surface of the skin, and a bulbous rough nose. Laser acne treatment is the most effective method to reduce capillary appearance and the blush.

Many of these conditions respond favorably to acne treatments. The moisture content of the skin affects Keratosis, and Perioral Dermatitis. Folliculitis is positively affected by the acne treatments of disinfecting and exfoliating- your skin will thank you if you moisturize too. Rosacea also responds to moisture, but also to laser acne treatment therapies. Your skin will overall benefit from maintaining an effective twice daily acne treatment skin cleansing regimen.

Wash, tone, and moisturize; these are the steps to a successful acne treatment routine. But they also keep your skin healthy and vibrant and work to curb skin conditions that are not related to the insidious p. acne bacterium. Speak to your dermatologist for treatments that are effective for your skin problems.


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