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What are the causes of acne?

Find out the causes of acne in this article...

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Are you afflicted by bumps? I'm talking about the bumps of the blackhead, whitehead, and blemish persuasion. You know, good old-fashioned acne. We all hate it, but yet so many of us are doused with it at puberty. What in the world are the causes of acne? Could it truly be chocolate? Was that mystery ever unraveled? Unfortunately I don't believe it was. In reality acne is caused by a number of things. Do you have any idea of what they? Well, after doing some research on my own, I think I have a better grasp on the pangs of pimples and what ignites breakouts on the faces of millions. Are you ready for a lesson in zits?

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Back when I was a child, I often wondered about the causes of acne. Now, I'm talking about the teen years here. Probably around 14 to be exact. I truly had no idea why I got pimple and a few teens din not. Of course I was thankful I never acquired the straight-up pizza face, but I honestly didn't want any blemishes at all. Who does? I kept hearing that raging teen hormones were amongst the main causes of acne.

Oh, and of course if you consume loads of chocolate. That's always a big one. However, I never fully understood acne until I hit about 20. Of course by then the World-Wide-Web was in full swing and oodles of information was at my fingertips. It was definitely time to find out the real causes of acne are. After loads of surfing and reading professional opinions, I came to the truth regarding the causes of acne. First of all, chocolate has nothing to do with anything. Can you say urban legend? However, teen hormones do play a part. It seems that when we hit that puberty stage, our oil glands are going wild.

This of course leads to oily skin, which can cause breakouts. It all has to do with your pores. If they're clogged, then you'll probably acquire acne. Now, you don't want to disregard diet. Many people don't know it, but some of what we eat, excretes back through our pores. That could explain the foul odor some folks have. Furthermore, you always want to drink lots of water. Living healthy will surely decrease your chances of breaking out.

Then there's the skin care side. This is certainly related to the primary causes of acne. If you're not properly taking care of your skin, then acne is probably inevitable. You need to find that balance. Your face needs gentle care or it will become outraged and break-out. Hop online and find the right products for your face.


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