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The facts about Acne Rosacea...

What do you know about  Acne Rosacea? if you want to know more, read on...

Acne Rosacea

Think you are blushing all the time?  Can you see fine blood vessels and acne on your forehead, cheeks and chin? Before you run to the acne treatment aisle, you might run to your dermatologist.

In its early stages, Rosacea looks similar to bad acne, but the treatments are not similar.

Rosacea falls outside the realm of normal acne treatment, it occurs when blood vessels near the surface become regularly or permanently dilated and hardened, making the patient look as if they are constantly blushing. Dilated capillaries will also be visible beneath the surface, skin will become scarred, acne nodules will appear and in late stages the nose will become disfigured and bulbous.

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It is a late-onset disease, striking adults from the ages of thirty to fifty- even those who have never had to seek any acne remedies. People can suffer from it at any age though.

Women usually see onset of the disease, but when men contract it, the effects are far worse. Early stages of the disease may not be noticed, but it can be exacerbated by harsh acne treatment. Symptoms include blushing of the face for longer than normal after exercise, especially when changing from hot to cold air or from eating spicy foods. Alcohol can also cause this kind of blush. Small acne will appear as well in the cheek, forehead and chin areas, and will be resistant to acne treatment.

No one knows the cause of Rosacea, only who is vulnerable. Fair skinned people suffer more than any other group. Individuals of a Celtic decent especially are prone. Overuse of steroids or certain antibiotics related to acne treatment can also cause certain subclasses of Rosacea to form.

Treatment of Rosacea is varies greatly from conventional acne treatments. While Rosacea sufferers still need to follow a daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing regimen, it is different from an acne treatment regimen. Everything for a Rosacea sufferer must be hypoallergenic, and as gentile as possible. People with this condition will soon learn that certain things will trigger an episode of the disease. A food sensitivity or spicy food may start an evening as a blush, and finish in a full breakout and require special acne treatment and medication. Many keep a list of when episodes occur to help identify triggers that may have been overlooked.

Prescription antibiotics help treat breakouts too. By far the best treatment for Rosacea is the same laser treatment that is used for varicose veins. The laser damages capillaries below the surface of the skin, and not the skin itself. After the damage has occurred, the body reabsorbs it. Reactions to all of these treatments vary. Overuse of antibiotics will result in a serious infection resistant to acne treatment. Laser treatment is new, and few long-term side effects are known. In the days after treatment, the skin will peel and redden; a gentile oil-free moisturizer like one for acne treatment is a must!

If you experience the sudden onset of acne and blushing after a lifetime of clear skin, consider Rosacea as the cause of your skin problems. A dermatologist will determine the root of your skin issues and give you treatment to curb episodes, minimize surface capillaries, and complete specialized acne treatment.


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