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Ortho tri-cyclen and acne... the information you need...

What is Ortho tri-cyclen and what does it have to do with acne? Find out in this article...

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Ortho tri-cyclen is an oral contraceptive taken on a daily basis to prevent pregnancy. According to this birth control pill has been clinically shown to help clear skin. Ortho tri-cyclen uses a lower dose of hormones that contributes to a lower level of the hormone that causes acne in the body. For many women it serves two purposes; it provides them with protection against pregnancy and helps keep their skin clearer. What a bonus!

Ortho tri-cyclen uses a combination of two types of low dose hormones called norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol, which inhibit the ovulatory process so that an egg is not released. These hormones also cause the cervical mucous to thicken discouraging the entrance of sperm through the cervix, further preventing pregnancy.  Ortho tri-cyclen as with other types of the Pill, should be taken regularly and doses should not be skipped to ensure that you are protected against pregnancy at all times.

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Pills are taken every day of your cycle, with a new pack starting on Sunday. Your menstrual cycle will start shortly after taking the different colored pills at the end of the pack, and when finished with these, you should start a new pack without skipping a dose. One of the benefits of taking the Pill, is that you will experience lighter periods and have less cramping as well. Weight gain is always a possibility as with any type of oral contraceptive, but since Ortho tri-cyclen is a low dose hormone combination, the likelihood of gaining weight is not as great as with other types of Pills. Certain prescription medications can also lessen the efficacy of all types of birth control pills, such as certain types of antibiotics, anti-seizure medications, barbiturates, and medications used to treat tuberculosis. If you have any questions, be sure to consult your health care provider.

As with any oral contraceptive, women should not smoke due to the risk of developing severe circulation or cardiovascular related complications, especially for women over the age of 35. Women with a history of blood clots, stroke, heart disease, or who may be pregnant should not take Ortho tri-cyclen because it may heighten the risk of having one of these episodes. If there is no history of circulation or cardiovascular problems, the risk is extremely slight that a blood clot, stroke, or heart attack would occur, but as stated previously, smoking increases this risk.

Check out the Ortho tri-cyclen site mentioned above and talk to your health care provider about available birth control options. It’s your body and only you can make the final decision, but let it be an informed decision. You must take into consideration your lifestyle, health history, age, as well as other factors to determine if Ortho tri-cyclen is right for you.

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