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Does makeup cause acne or cosmetic acne?

Is your makeup causing your acne? Find out...

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This morning I drag myself out of the shower only to look at the mirror in horror. In a panicked state I grab for the concealer.

I've got a zit- the world must not know! Could the very stop-gap that saves my reputation be cause the need for acne treatment?

Makeup most certainly can cause the need for acne treatment. Specifically it is called cosmetic acne. The clog forms at the surface of the skin and forms small bumps over an area. There is acne treatment for makeup wearers, and some acne remedies for prevention.

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cosmetic acne
First buy non-comedogenic makeup. This will be marked on the package and means that the product inside will not clog your pores and works with acne treatments. Oil and perfume free markings are desirable for those that need acne treatment too.

Many expensive products put in extra ingredients and perfumes that can irritate and clog, bargain makeups use cheaper ingredients that tend to clog. Cheaper brand 'Wet n' Wild', middle of the road brand 'Clinique' and expensive brand 'Estee Lauder' all have earned high marks in the hypo-allergenic and acne treatment fields. Estee Lauder and Clinique are actually owned by the same company, and the ingredients in their products are almost identical.

Second, makeup has a lifespan. Especially liquid and gel makeup, the ingredients in them break down and form a petree dish. The girl that applies five year old mascara to her lashes is asking for an eye infection (it should be thrown out after three months!). Liquid bases have a short lifespan too, especially if they have sunscreen. Any product that is marked with an spf is only good for 2 months after opening; after this time it no longer protects from the sun's rays and sun exposure is no good for acne treatment.

Help yourself and your face, write the opened on date on your makeup and throw them out on schedule. Powders last up to 2-3 years, but their brushes don't! Brushes should be washed once a month and thrown out in 2 years; you should use disposable sponges if you need them.

A teenager will hate the next one- sparkle. Be wary of wearing sparkly products daily. The 'sparkle' comes from a crushed mica stone; it is similar to glass, and like crushed glass, abrasive to your skin Irritated skin is skin with zits, be kind to your face and you won't need as much acne treatment.

Keep hair products off your face. Hair gel, moose and any other hair product does not belong on your face. After all that work on acne treatment it would be a shame to have a break-out around your hairline because your products glued the pores shut.

Don't exercise with makeup, sweating ruins it anyway. The makeup now deep in your pores will cause acne too.
Like testing for a food allergy, a smart acne treatment is to add only one new product at a time. Zits around your lips could mean that your lipstick is wrong. So pay attention and you should be able to navigate pitfalls easily.

Acne treatment does not spell the end of makeup usage, but it does require savvy about the products you buy. Does that foundation have a fragrance, is it marked 'non-comedogenic'? Remember to look for these marks on makeup that you buy, and as always, when in doubt, ask your dermatologist.


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