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Do you know your skin type? Believe it or not, so many individuals have no idea what skin type they have. Hey, it's time to find out.

Knowing and understanding your skin is crucial in taking care of it properly. I used to be burdened by patches of dryness. However when I found a good aftershave and moisturizer, this dilemma subsided. It's all about using the right treatments. A large number of people, who suffer from severe acne, may have oily skin. This means they need an oily skin treatment. It's time to consult your local doctor or dermatologist and find out your skin type, and how to deal with any skin afflictions you may have. Come on, this is your face we're talking about here.

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Okay, so maybe you know you have oily skin. Are you constantly grappling with acne and severe break-outs?

This can be controlled with the right oily skin treatment. First of all, what do you wash your face with? Are you using a gentle, yet skin-clearing cleanser. You want one that rids your mug of bacteria and oil, but doesn't strip your face and make it dry. There are some decent ones at your local drugstore. Check out what Neutrogena has to offer. A second oily skin treatment is topical. Once you've cleansed your face, you may want to use a topical cream, toner, or gel. This will help exfoliate and keep your pores clear throughout the day. You certainly want to prevent those breakouts, and not have to battle them after eruption has occurred. One thing that many individuals with oily skin do not understand is maintenance. Sure, you want to keep your skin clean and clear, but you don't want to overdo it. Washing the face twice a day is plenty. Avoid rubbing and using hot water. This will only irritate and dry out your face. One of the best oily skin treatments is to use tepid water and pat the face dry with a clean towel. Be gentle!

Do you suffer from breakouts and a shiny mug? If you haven't already found the right oily skin treatment on your own, then it is probably time to seek the help of a professional. You may in fact need a prescription treatment for your face. With proper cleansing and the right oily skin treatment, you can get that beautiful skin back.


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