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Can herbs help get rid of acne?

Find out whether or not herbs can help get rid of acne in this article...

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Acne is an age-old problem that continues to baffle us. The actual causes of acne are unknown but many have reasonable theories.

No real source for the skin problem has been scientifically determined and this may be the reason that no real solution to acne has been developed. Herbs for acne sounds like a pretty hokey slogan, but the cure for the common pimple may lie in herbal remedies.

In order to truly address a problem, it is best to consider the source of the problem. Herbs for acne often function as a result of a theory of cause. For example, some believe that acne is caused by heat and dampness. The herbs for acne that arise out of the heat and dampness theory seek to address these two causes for outbreaks. This theory comes from a Chinese traditional practice.

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In this Chinese theory, heat does not refer to temperature as we would initially assume. Heat is associated with over stimulation, over exertion, and inflammation.

Each of these three elements is closely related to heat. An inflamed area of skin usually feels warm to the touch. Over stimulation and over exertion, including friction, are sources of heat. You feel the burn when you exercise. The Chinese herbs for acne treat heat in these forms.

The other factor in the Chinese theory behind pimples is dampness. This factor refers to our Western understanding of dampness in relation to fluids. Excess water, swelling and inflammation associated with breakouts are addressed with Chinese herbs for acne. Among the dampness problems is improper digestion, which seems to be a common thread among different theories about the causes of acne.

Another interesting relationship between the Chinese theory of heat and dampness and other theories of the source for acne breakouts lies in hormones. Many believe that hormones play a role in complexion problems. The heat theory suggests that overactive hormones are an element that adds to the heat factor. The herbs for acne are supposed to help an individual balance his or her hormones internally, leading to cool, clear skin.

Digestion and diet are among the over stimulation sources in the heat and dampness theory. This also parallels other common theories about complexion blemishes being related to diet. Poor digestion is supposed to heat and dampen the complexion. Herbs for acne are designed to help the body regulate digestion and clean the body of toxins that may lead to pimples.

The heat and dampness theory is very interesting and very convincing. When it comes to Chinese herbs for acne, think dry and think cool. Come to think of it, cool, dry skin is usually clear.


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