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Can eating greasy food and a poor diet cause acne or make it worse?

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It's morning and you look in the mirror. You look closer, and to your horror- see a zit. Before you start cursing that double chocolate banana split you have last night, think again; is diet really a good acne treatment?   

diet and acne

Maybe, but separating the myth from fact can be difficult. Fact is that most of these acne treatment myths date back to an inaccurate medical study done in the 1960's, or worse, have no research to back them at all. Foods like pizza, chocolate and other greasy adolescent staples blamed for teenage breakouts. Avoiding these taboo foods has become one of many fallacious acne remedies. Newer studies find no such link. Acne occurs when pores clog deep inside and form a mild infection, not when you eat greasy foods.

Some doctors point out that the skin is the body's largest organ, and does use its pores to get rid of some of the body's toxins, especially while the body is sweating profusely. Pore blockage is caused by not showering after a workout or an incomplete acne treatment regimen, rather than our skin excreting acne causing toxins as we perspire. Proper care is the better acne treatment, not the fear of tiny amounts of toxins.

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acne diet info    However some people do have mild allergies to certain foods, and some trace minerals or additives in foods can cause us to break out.

If you suspect that a certain food is making you break out, first make sure your skin care routine is complete, and then try just cutting that one food out of your diet for about 2 weeks. Try eating it again after this time, did you break out? Then you might be allergic to it, and limiting that food will be an effective acne treatment for you. Other foods that are high in iodine (remember this is added to most table salt too!) will cause breakouts. Seafood like shrimp is high in iodine, but this measurement is relative, and you would have to eat allot of shrimp before it caused you to seek out acne treatments. The growth hormone in most milk (basically anything not labeled 'organic') is shown in a 2005 study to cause hormone production in humans, and hormone swings do cause breakouts, this is especially true for 'skim' milk varieties. The hormones stimulate oil production and aid in the clogging of our pores, necessitating acne treatment.

People that have diabetes in their family, or a predisposition to diabetes should be cautious about eating too much refined sugar (we all should be though!). Their bodies metabolize sugar differently and in their case there is a definite association between the incorrectly processed insulin and pimples, there are also specific acne treatments for these individuals. Scientists look at the faces of adolescents in nonwestern countries and note that there is no need for acne treatments, their skin is clear. A few suggest that a diet rich in raw vegetables and poor in refined sugar may be an effective acne treatment for the appearance of teenage skin, whether the individuals are predisposed to diabetes or not.

If you are trying to use diet as part of your acne treatment, remember to start with a regular skin care regimen, and then go on to other diet modifications. When on a quest to clear your skin, do reasonable things like looking at a healthier diet or eliminate suspect foods. Remember that many scientists doubt much link at all between food and the skin's appearance, but it may work for you.


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