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Facing life with acne is rough. A few zits as an early teen can get you a little down, but bad skin that stretches into your 20's and 30's can leave the face and the psyche permanently scarred.

For some people, acne treatment will help begin the process of psychological healing too.

As teens, and even as adults, the occasional embarrassment of acne seems to always happen right before the big presentation or senior prom, and always too near the date for an acne treatment to help. While these sporadic outbreaks keep us humble, prolonged outbreaks (and dwelling on them) will start to damage the psyche.
I am a mild acne sufferer. I'm sitting here with an acne treatment poultice on my blemish to try and draw out infection as I type. Recently I talked to my mother about her acne.

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There has never been a time in my life that she has not had acne, and acne scars. When I was a child I didn't understand why her skin was textured and everyone else's wasn't.

Now as an adult she can share with me the pain of seeing people turn and look away from her because of the appearance of her face, and in the 80's there were no lasers for acne treatment. This kind of consistent social rejection combined with a feeling of helplessness over the ineffectiveness of acne treatments and the state of your face causes severe emotional stress.

The scarring from acne can cause permanent disfigurement without further cosmetic acne treatment. Laser acne treatment and minor surgery can begin to heal scars, pits, craters and discolored marks. If you've given up hope and not seen a dermatologist in awhile, it might be time to go back (maybe look for a new one that specializes in acne treatment).

However if a patient has given up hope of clearing their acne, they may stop acne treatment and allow depression to set in. How can you face the day without a clear face? These very specific down feelings about oneself can over time translate to a different thing entirely. After awhile one begins to forget why you didn't want to go outside, and a general depression that is more chemical-based than emotionally based begins to set in.

Acne Dysmorphia is a final and severe form of depression over one's acne. Patients that suffer Acne Dysmorphia pick at their faces constantly- obsessively it is like an obsessive hand washing compulsion. I know that zit on the forehead bugs all of us, but not all of us pick at it till we have a wound that weeps blood and will scar severely- and then pick at it again every day, several times a day. It's not acne treatment at that point; it is inflicting damage to oneself. This psychosis is not caught as frequently as something like manic depression because most patients seek out acne treatment, not psychological treatment. And many dermatologists are not looking for psychological damage, just skin damage.

Severe acne sufferers should be in the care of a good dermatologist for their acne treatment. But if you find yourself developing a fear of going out based on your face, perhaps you should talk to a therapist, often verbalizing feelings can help resolve them. Dermatology can take care of your face, but only you can see on the inside.


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