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Are you just hitting puberty? This is always an emotional time in our lives. The hormones are going wild and our bodies are changing and preparing us for adulthood. Now, how does acne fit into this equation? How in the world does a face full of zits aid us in any way? I guess it could teach us humility, or possibly to groom ourselves better. After all, you'd better be taking great care of your precious mug if you plan to keep the zit monster away. Anyway, you don't have to just toss in the towel and accept a face full of pimples. There are a number of potential remedies out there. It all depends on the severity of your situation. Do you suffer from mild breakouts, or are you grappling with a straight-up pizza face? Regardless, I'll bet that a particular acne prescription could save the day.

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Did you ever have an acne prescription growing up? I am glad to say that I was one of the lucky ones when it came to blemishes. Sure, I had a few, here and there, but I never suffered from severe breakouts, scarring or cystic acne. However, my closest friend in high school did. In fact he had to acquire an acne prescription for Retin-A to deal with his pimple problem.

In addition, he had to take a daily oral medication. Although this could get a tad redundant, he gladly did it because he was more than pleased with the results. How is your complexion looking these days? Have you been slapping on those drugstore creams far too long? Well, if they're not working right, then maybe it's time for an acne prescription. It all starts with a trip to your family doctor or local dermatologist. Get a consultation set up in order to assess your particular situation and find out your skin type. The doctor may pass you an acne prescription. This way you can finally zap those zits for good.

Find out what acne remedies accomplish and what they cost. Stop wasting your time with drug store creams that only worsen the situation, and infomercial gimmicks that don't work. Get to your local skin professional today for an acne prescription. In the end, your face will thank you for it.


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