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A common problem that affects most of us as teens is acne.  While 80 percent of us struggle with this affliction, many have trouble controlling it.

Acne blemish control typically begins with assessing the problem at hand.  Most of us don't have a clue how to properly fight pimples and breakouts, therefore we take a clueless route, which only begets more acne.  Acne blemish control is done through understanding and proper skin care.

I'm sure many people recall the hardships of their adolescent years.  The insecurities, the hormones, the pizza face.  When I first noticed a pimple on my face, I did what most naive teens do, and popped it.  This is a mistake on several levels.  First of all, popping a blemish can cause scaring.  In addition, when you pinch or squeeze a zit, you only irritate it further.  A more efficient road would be to treat it with some form of acme blemish control.  There are a deluge of products gracing the drugstore shelves these days.  Controlling and destroying our acne doesn't have to be so painful. 

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To become better educated on acne blemish control, it is prudent to seek advice from a dermatologist.

They can give you proper guidance in controlling your breakouts.  There are a number of prescriptions available to fight this ego crusher.  Back in high school, my best friend was severely affected by acne breakouts.  He was that guy people made fun of and called pizza face and blemish boy.  Not only was his face covered, but he had the classic "backne" as well.  I could tell that this was a huge shot to his self confidence.  A large problem was his acne blemish control method.  He would literally wash his face six times a day.  This is overkill, which results in severe drying.  Eventually he found a remedy through a dermatology clinic. 

A great source to resort to today is the Internet.  You can find an abundance of information on skin types, and levels of acne.  Acne blemish control no longer consists of rubbing alcohol on a zit you just popped.  There are solutions and treatments galore at your very reach.  Whether you're looking for a mild exfoliant to cure your breakouts, or a three step system to deal with more severe blemishes, you will find a remedy online.  If you wish to get a more immediate treatment, the drugstore down the street will likely carry a variety of acne fighters. 


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