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Acne and shaving... the truth...

Does shaving cause acne, or make it worse? Find out...

acne shaving
Shaving tips from the models- how do they get that supple, blemish free skin? I got to eavesdrop on a few of them as they were talking about shaving.

Just how did they avoid all those painful bumps? What I learned has changed my perspective on acne treatment for shaving.

Shaving creates a need for acne treatment when the razor cuts off a hair at or below the surface (and it's razor sharp because it's just been cut!) and the follicle (pore) closes over it while the body is attempting to heal the 'wound' caused by shaving.

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acne shave
After it closes the bacteria that cause acne begin to propagate, and then the ingrown swells to a painful head.
How can you avoid these painful and embarrassing episodes?

First follow a good acne treatment routine when shaving. This involves getting the skin wet with warm water. Soft, hydrated skin is more prepared than hard, cold skin. Next be sure to use a fresh razor every time. I know this is expensive, but if you do shave, you should be shaving daily, and you don't need five blades on a single head. A cheap single blade razor will do just fine. Use an oil free shaving cream that is non-comedogenic, the old-school shaving creams with brushes are this way, beware newer shave gels. After shaving, rinse again with warm water. If you're going to wash your face for acne treatment, now is the time to do it. Otherwise, disinfectants like aftershave or witch hazel work fine as an acne treatment toner. Finally, apply a light oil-free moisturizer.

Have a big date? You should start shaving and acne treatment seven days in advance. Day one you should just do a trim, and then a light shave. This means only shave with the grain, so it doesn't irritate. Day two sees the first full shave. Only go over each area once, multiple swipes will hurt more. If your skin is hypersensitive, it might be better to never start shaving against the grain, it won't be quite as smooth, but few people will ever be able to tell the difference, and it will keep you from needing acne treatment.

By day three your skin may be a little red and irritated (any skin you're shaving, from face to legs), you must push through. The daily shaving works as an acne treatment to exfoliate and open the surface clogged pores. It will keep the pores open, and they will heal open, so you'll have no need for acne remedies.

Over the next few days you may see a few bumps showing up. Shaving should open them up and daily disinfecting (aka. Aftershave) will help acne treatment. If you should still require acne treatment, gently nick the head of the pimple with a sterilized needle and make sure the hair is above the surface of your skin, then disinfect.
When day seven rolls around, your shaved area should be smooth and blemish free.

Fresh smooth skin is attainable. Don't give up on your shaving routine and I know you can be free of the dreaded razor bumps too! If you need further acne treatment, your local dermatologist has several options for you that are suited for your skin type and will heal your skin.


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