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Most often acne can gradually disappear in a natural way in about 3 years, without further treatment. However in some cases outbreaks can occur as late as 30 years old. Medications and remedies can be obtained over the counter. These medicines range from natural Vitamin A treatments to sophisticated laser beam technology.  All of these products can sometimes produce side effects.

Have you ever experienced a breakout of pimples when faced with a stressful situation like exams? This is one very common cause of acne and effects many young people in their developing years. As kids approach puberty hormones change and can very often give rise to this skin condition. Pregnancy can also give rise to this skin problem, due to hormone changes. Here are some common acne medications and remedies.

Facial scrubs
Topical applications
Hormonal treatments
Natural diets

Antibiotics can be taken orally or topically and are an effective medicine for treating acne. They kill bacteria, which is thought to be one of the main causes of this skin condition.

Facial scrubs are popular. They can be chemical medications like salicylic aced and glycolic acid. These remedies destroy the top layer of the skin and are best used with moisturizers.  Another treatment is to use liquids or an abrasive cloth. The idea behind these scrubs is to deep clean the face and eradicate oil and bacteria. These are seen as 2 of the leading factors in this skin condition.

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adult acne

For milder forms of acne less radical forms of treatment are available in the form of topical creams and ointments. Many of these medicines can be obtained over the counter others are by prescription only. The over the counter ones range from those made with natural products to those made entirely from chemicals. The prescription ones are stronger and generally a more effective remedy. Over the counter medications are widely advertised by the TV and magazines.

For females hormonal treatments can be used as hormones do play a large role in acne problems. Some medicines used are oestrogen, progestogen and Cyproterone. The most effective hormone remedies used are a combination of Cyproterone and oestrogen. This is taken when blood levels show levels of androgens to be abnormally high.

On large persistent pimples, which seem resistant to other treatments cortisone can be applied. Your dermatologist will prescribe this. This is a fast acting medication and will flatten the pimple making it easier to camouflage with makeup. Cortisone will help heal these blemishes.

Eating a more healthy diet can also help to lessen acne problems. This is a natural way to cut down oils and improve the body’s overall health. This will help to lessen some symptoms of acne, as a healthier body is less susceptible to these problems.

Several factors contribute to this skin condition and it is hard to eradicate the problem completely. Many of these treatments are taken in combination with each other and by advice of a dermatologist. Individual skin conditions will have a lot to do with which remedy will work best. However you can lessen acne problems by keeping in good health and cutting down stress.

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