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A tip to use witch hazel for acne...

Can witch hazel help acne breakouts? Read on...

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Witch hazel is an old remedy for hemorrhoids that is tried and true. The product has been used for its cooling touch and its ability to reduce swelling associated with the painfully hot piles.

This old-time remedy is also useful in helping ease the discomfort that is experienced after giving birth.

I have used witch hazel to clean cuts and scrapes. The product immediately provides relief to minor scratches, burns and scrapes and there have been few of these kinds of injuries that have gone untreated with witch hazel in my experiences with bumps and bruises.

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We always had witch hazel in the house and used it to sterilize cuts and to help reduce swelling in acne flair ups. Few people use the product on their faces, but I found that it worked wonders on breakouts. It came in very handy during my teenage years.

I have heard that the product can be ingested in teas and hot liquids that contain witch hazel. Of course, you don’t want to drink it out of the bottle and it should not be ingested unless it is an ingredient in one of those teas. In my opinion, it shouldn’t be ingested at all.

However, I never really understood the benefits of witch hazel until after I gave birth to my daughter. The labor process is very hard on a woman’s body and though we are left with beautiful new little lives, we are also left with an exorbitant amount of pain and discomfort as well as swelling. 

There is something so traditional about the product that I immediately associate witch hazel with home remedies. It was this association that made me very surprised to discover that the nurse was providing me with prepackaged towels soaked in witch hazel to alleviate the swelling and pain cause by the labor process.

Fortunately, I didn’t suffer the additional discomfort many mothers face with having to deal with hemorrhoids in addition to the stitches and swelling. I simply could not imagine the added soreness to what I was already facing. Fortunately the witch hazel works on both for those who are given the double whammy.

My sister did have the added discomfort after she went through labor. She swears that nothing works better than witch hazel. We still look at the product as a type of home remedy. Maybe it’s because it has been used for so many generations.


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